Avishai has been exploring the nature of sound and its therapeutic qualities as a tool for physical & emotional transformation and healing since 1990. He draws from modern scientific research of as well as  ancient  esoteric and mystic knowledge. Working ‘hands on’ for  25 years, he has developed his own style of work within this modality and facilitates workshops and private healing sessions with people of diverse backgrounds and conditions such as various addictions, cancer, anxiety and stress-related symptoms, applying  different techniques of vibrational therapy.

In these soundshower workshops he will be combining chimes, Tibetan bowls, flutes and vocal harmonics. During this session you will be invited to lie down and immerse in vibrations created by these special instruments. Throughout the “Shower” different instruments are carried around the room and sometimes placed physically on the body. Flutes and voice are used to create a magical musical journey and overtones charge the brain and energize the body. The aluminum chimes which are at the centre of the Soundshower are tuned to the earth year tone. Music played by instruments tuned to the earth year frequency naturally slows down brainwave activity and heart rate and induces a deep meditative state. Being exposed to these healing frequencies enhances a physical, mental and emotional calibration to the human body and energy field . Pure frequencies shift and release stagnant energy and tension accumulated in the body . The Soundshower re-aligns and harmonizes body/mind and is a very relaxing and refreshing experience. We cant wait to share this with you.

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